travel information

  • kiyomizu temple

    Kiyomizu Temple

    This temple is named after the waterfall of Otowa Mountain in Kyoto. Kiyomizu means pure water, which was taken from the image of water runs and springs everlastingly.

  • yasaka temple

    Yasaka Temple

    It’s knows as Yasaka-San located at east area of Kyoto city. The ritual festival of Yasaka Temple is Gion festival, and it has been held for 1100 years.

  • nijou castle

    Nijou Castle

    Ieyasu Tokugawa built it for himself. Its garden Ninomaru Teien is well-known Japanese garden. Not only this castle is designated as a historic site, it is also registered as World Heritage site.

  • hanami-kouji


    It is the main street of Gion, the place where Japanese historical sights remain. You will enjoy the atmosphere as if you time-traveled back in history.

  • heian shrine

    Heian Shrine

    In 1895, Heian Shrine was built to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of establishment of Heian-kyo. It enshrines Emperor Kanmu and Emperor Koumei. The Outen Gate is the replication of main southern gate of Heian-kyo, and main hall of shine is beautifully vermilion-lacquered. This shrine will take your breath away.

  • kinkaku-ji

    Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Temple)

    The original name is. This temple is covered with gold and attracts everyone all over the world. Especially, the reflection on the pond is very wonderful and exquisite.

neighborhood information


  • convenience store

    Convenience Store

    [3 minutes by walking]

  • public bath

    Public Bath

    [You can get to our guest house in 3 minutes by walking]

  • Coin-operated laundry

    Coin-operated laundry

    [5minutes by walking]